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Improve System Technology Co., Ltd. designs, plans, builds and integrates, provides after-sale service for related facilities of Hi-Definition Videoconference, Hi-Definition Multi-point Videoconference, Cloud Videoconference, VC Audioviual, VC Muitimedia Automation, and VC Multimedia AV Recording.

The integration from HD Videoconference, HD Multi-point Videoconference, Cloud Videoconference to VC Audioviual, VC Muitimedia Automation, and VC Multimedia AV Recording includes products and technologies in six major areas such as HD video conferencing, cloud video collaboration, network communication, audiovisual integration, meeting room automation, and multimedia instant recording. The device relevance includes the integration of various facilities and systems such as HD video conference server, HD multipoint conference Microcontroller Unit (MCU), HD video conference recording server, HD camera automatic tracking system, HD camera positioning tracking system, HD camera presentation system, HD audiovisual matrix switching system, Voice conference system, conference microphone system, conference microphone audiovisual positioning system, digital mixer system, LCD/LED video wall display system, laser projector, LCD touchscreen whiteboard display system, conference room automation control system, multimedia teaching materials recording system, conference room environmental control service management platform, etc.

The communication demand for video conference system includes communication frameworks such as LA, Leased-Line, Internet(xDSL, FTTB), Intranet, VPN(GSN, Hi-Link), ISDN, VSAT, Microwave, 4G, and 5G. Communication protocols include H.323, SIP, and H.320, etc. Improve System Technology provides you with the most professional, beneficial, and outstanding after-sale service, from point-to-point videoconferencing server, cloud videoconferencing or multipoint control unit, to general small meeeting rooms, large conference halls, real-time video conference recording, and asynchronous audiovisual streaming. We are the best choice in the industry for you.

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